Bad Schwalbach- Langenseifen (Hesse)
„the altar afield-place of a future Chapel

Client: Protestant community Bärstadt, Schlangenbad
Concept art project / idea Kapellenbau:
Architect Barbara Schmid (until 2012 Baureferat EKHN, Darmstadt)
Artistic idea and place of the altar sculpture: Holger Walter
Constructive planning: Prof. Ulrich Grimminger, University of Rosenheim (until 2011 VHT Darmstadt)

An Evangelical chapel is planned for Langenseifen in Hessen. The property was donated by a member of the church. It is located in crop lands above the village.
This was the birth of an unusual art project. An altar should first be erected in the field and thus determine the future location of the chapel construction.
The sculptor Holger Walter was contracted in 2004 to develop an autonomous stone sculpture for this site. He designed a sculpture out of a naturally formed basalt lava column 3.92 meters in height. Minimally formed, the 6.2 ton sculpture was placed in the field in September 2005.
The wooden architecture of the chapel is oriented on the sculpture, its position, height and installation site. The architect Barbara Schmid will have the sculpture penetrate the chapel through a round hole in the floor and appear 102 cm into the chapel room. The lower part of the sculpture can be experienced in a walk-around room. The altar sculpture and chapel are an archaic expression in form and material.

“... against the spirit of a secular era, the community is attempting a new begin. The basalt column from Holger Walter is a fitting symbol for this – archaic and yet modern.“

(from the catalog: “Raum und Religion - Europäische Positionen in der Sakralbau“ ORTE und Marcus Nitschke; Publisher Anton Pustet Salzburg-München 2005)

In May 2010 the construction of the chapel was begun.
The dedication of the chapel Langenseifen was on June 3, 2012th.

Participants in the art project and chapel construction:
Evangelical Church Bärstadt, Minister Eberhard Geisler.
Mr. Ernst, founder of the plot
Ulrike Kaletsch, chairman of the parish council
Minister Martin Benn, former representative for art of the EKHN, Zentrum Verkündigung Frankfurt.
Markus Zink, Arts Commissioner EKHN, Annunciation Center Frankfurt
Assembly of the sculpture: Hans-Michael Franke / Matthias Muth
Execution of the woodwork: Carpenter Gerhard Matthes,
Baumgarten company
Lighting: Thomas Fuhrich
Stone: Natural stone works Mayko
Construction company Gert Krautworst, Bad Schwalbach

The chapel is not open permanently.
Contact for visits:
Ulrike Kaletsch Chairman of the parish council

Construction of the chapel. Baumgarten company. 27th August 2010