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Wuppertal Hospice, sculpture in the Space of Silence

“Light caves” sculpture
Dietfurter limestone
138 x 92 x 46 cm, monolith
Realization 2007

The subject of light plays a dominant role in the newly built hospice from the architect, Karlhans Pfleiderer. The building dedicated in 2007 is illuminated by daylight with a light axis called the “Room of light.“ This light axis leads into the room of silence. The “Light cave“ sculpture is located on this axis at the transition from the closed room to the glass bay. The light is symbolically bundled into the sculpture.
The stone with its natural yellow crust is hollowed by three openings of different sized. The three empty spaces within the stone lead to large single empty space. The approx. 600 Kg sculpture is slightly tipped on the stone floor of Belgian granite. Its floating character represents the body’s struggle against gravity.
The Christian Hospice in Wuppertal- Dönberg accompanies the young and old of all denominations on their final journey.

Client: Christian Hospice Wuppertal-Niederberghaus
Stone / sawing: Franken-Schotter / Treuchtlingen-Unterdietfurt
Mounting: Stonemasons Christoph Lehr / Karlsruhe