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Offenburg, Cultural Forum / Platz der Verfassungsfreunde

Title: DRIFT
Year: 2007
Material: Dietfurter Jura limestone
Dimensions: 47 (H) x 270 x 178 cm,  4-piece

The “Platz der Verfassungsfreunde” is located in the Cultural Forum which was dedicated in 2007 in a former French Army Barracks in Offenburg.
The Frankian Jura limestone was taken from a specific layer of the quarry. The naturally yellow stone crust on the upper surface of the block was maintained. An empty form was carved from the interior of the stone.
The core appears to be dissolved or counter-sunk.
The sculpture is divided into four separate parts that appear to drift away from each other.
They form a relationship to the location in the geologically unique Upper Rhine Extension.

Photos: Titus Tamm