Dornburg-Frickhofen (Hesse) Protestant Community Center,
design of ritual sculpture

Chancel in basalt lava: Altar, ambo, baptismal font, Easter candlestick, crossing (interior), Crossing (exterior)
Realization 2007

The Evangelical Community Center Frickhofen in Westerwald near Limburg was consecrated in 2005. The central nave by the Darmstadt architects Kolb+Neumann is enlivened by the generous use of glass allowing a large amount of daylight.
The community wanted a mobile chancel to be able to react to a variety of applications for the space. A floor heating system is installed in the floor of the altar room, and this limits load the floor can support.
The sculptural design from Holger Walter, which was selected from a competition, was a response to requests by the church. A discussion with the minister and the community however, resulted in deviation from a mobile solution for the altar. The monolithic altar sculpture is now permanently anchored at a fixed location in the space and thus can remain in the memory of the visitor as a souvenir picture. The altar obtains its tension from the sensitively formed combination of rounded form, suitable material and its treatment. Apparent contradictions such as dynamic and balance, gravity and lightness, mass and empty space converge into a single unit in this altar sculpture.
The contract also stipulated a cross form for the interior and the exterior, which should allow the possibility for outdoor services.
A stone fragment is mounted to the exterior façade, from which a cross form is cut out in the negative. The exact core of the crossing reappears in the interior at the altar wall.

Client: Ev. Parish Hadamar, parish North
Competition 2006/07 / 1st place
Artistic Idea: Holger Walter Stone / sculptures: Mayko Natursteinwerk / Mayen Woodwork: Carpenter Erich Schneider / Frickhofen Font design / Exterior wall: Christian Ertel / Karlsruhe Metal font: Mössinger water jet technology, Pforzheim Total assembly: Stonemasons Christoph Lehr / Karlsruhe